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                4月23日 Marcus Kaiser:Planning invasive and non-invasive brain network disorder treatments using computational models



                Marcus Kaiser is leader of Neuroinformatics UK representing more than 600 researchers in the field (),Chair of the Neuroinformatics Special Interest Group of the British Neuroscience Association, Chair of the NHS CHAIN Technology Sub-group on Computational Neurology, and panel member of the MRC Neuroscience and Mental Health board. After studying biology and computer science, he obtained his PhD, funded by a fellowship from the German National Academic Foundation, from Jacobs University Bremen in 2005. In 2016, he was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology. He is on the editorial boards of Network Neuroscience (MIT Press) and Royal Society Open Science, and author of the first review on connectomics (1,800+ citations since 2004). Research interests are understanding the link between structure and function by modelling brain development, neural dynamics, and therapeutic interventions (see ).